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Hi, my name is Nelson. Let me tell you were it all began... 

I absolutely love outdoors. I am always out on the run with my owners, hanging out at our backyard or on the porch. I mean.. I love our front porch, but my friend and our neighbour Spud they had this beautiful swing bed at their porch. So I started visiting him more often and sometimes just lay there on that beautiful swing bed when no one was around. 

Didn't take long before we had one in our porch. Love it ! I mean.. Everyone is loving it. In fact my owners loved it so much, that they bought one (smaller one) for indoors. And next thing I know, they started to talk about them and selling them. They even build them themselves. Trough hard work, passion and excellent customer service, we are one of the leading online retailers of Swing Beds and Porch Swings. Well, not only that. We also sell Swing Sets, Tree Swings, Gazebos,Pergolas and even Outdoor Patio Furniture. The great news is that all of our products are made in USA and most of them are custom made. So if you can't find the Swing bed that you are looking for, just send us an email at with required sizes and we will build one for you. 

You can call us as well at 1-888-308-4855 I am at home most of the time, so I can answer any of your questions. Unless I am taking a nap.. but my owners are always answer the phone. 

Thanks for stopping by. 



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